Thursday, August 11, 2011

Incredi-Geek: Coming Soon To A Booty Near You - Invisible Electronic Tattoos...

I predict that invisible webcam tattoos will soon follow.

The uses for technology like this are vast, and they are on the edge of Ray Kurzweil's "Singularity," where humans merge with intelligent machines.

Make this tech shower-proof and merge it with quantum computing, and you could be adding a super computer and multi-spectrum connectivity to your birthday suit.

Just slap on the latest version of Itatt, and be able to interface with the web through whispers and gestures, while seeing the action on your heads-up display contacts in 3D, and hearing it through Audio-Toos set in your ear canals. You'll look like a wizard trying to cast spells when working the web, so they'll probably call the interface system Spellweaver, or something similar.

Of course, some people will deck themselves out with LED tattoos for the coolest light show on the human body, enhancing the wizard look. Maybe even cult fans of Tron, the movie series. Brings a whole new glow to the 1970's-era pastime of streaking, doesn't it? Imagine Bodylite-enhanced ballet and stepper dancing.

I imagine being able to wirelessly drive a car by pantomime, either in-person or remotely. The same goes for aircraft.

Imagine the effects on the dating scene, as your dates are all uploaded to Youtube in real time. Was that a wink or a blink? Green light or red? Are your friends wispering advice over your body web? Did you remember to turn off your Camtatts when he took you home, Charlotte? Did he?

This is going to be huge in the long-term. Cellphones will become highly obsolete in a wiredbody world, at most they'll become local mass storage devices.

Bodyweb security will be a huge issue, because your bodyweb will be able to track every hard, wet fact about your physiology, and you might never know who knows your every...heartbeat.